In 1900 the local authorities decided to build  the school in Obszary district in Radlin. It was opened  in July 1901. At that time, the building of the school had two classrooms which was still not enough. At the beginning of the nineteenth century the demographical development of society in Obszary was caused by the migration of people who settled with their families near the work places- “Emma” Coal mine and the Coke plant. At that time not only the children from Obszary district but also from Emma housing estate went to this school. Although, in April 1912 a school for children from Emma housing estate was build, the school in Obszary was still not big enough. That is why, in 1913 the school building was expanded and another four classrooms were build together with a new library and a school pitch. The expansion of the school,  was partially caused  by the transformation of polish schools from four to six years. Despite the change, the school  still did not have  the Gym for Physical Education lessons and the children had to train on the school pitch near the Coke plant. When the temperature fell  below zero and the weather was bad the P.E. lessons were done on the school corridors.
Finally, it was decided to build a new and modern school. It was build in the middle of Powstańców Ślaskich Park in Obszary district. The headmaster of the previous school became the initiator of The Social Committee for building of  New School. It had fourteen classrooms, a club room, a gym with changing rooms for both  students and  teachers, a library, a school office, headmaster’s and vice-headmaster’s offices. Moreover, there was also a kitchen, a canteen, changing rooms and a boiler room with the place for coal which were situated  in the basement of the school.
The school was officially opened and given a name of “Gustaw Morcinek School” on the thirtieth of August 1965. The opening was a memorable event as there was a special guest- the member of State Council, a general from Katowice Province. He made an inscription in the Memory Book:

“This school should prepare you for life and work for the good of Polish People Republic.
Do appreciate this gift and always be grateful to all of its founders who were full of energy and enthusiasm,  so it could be created”

Due to reorganization of  Polish Education System, 8 year Primary School became 6 year school from the first of September 1999. The biology and chemistry classrooms were closed down and a new library and a computer science classroom were created. The new staff room was created in the place where there was previously a library.
In 2004, the computer science classroom was equipped with modern computers based on the Ministry of Education Project called: “ Novel Server based Computer Scientist classroom in Primary school no 4”. This classroom was the beginning for the creation of  the inner network in all classrooms, in headmaster’s office, school office and in staff room.
Moreover, the computer science classroom is equipped  with a laptop, a slide projector, a scanner and laser and ink-jet printers. The Provincial Education School Board in Katowice has also accepted the headmaster’s petition for the Internet Information Centre which was created in the school library in 2006. Classroom no 18 was refurbished and changed into corrective gym classroom because  previously such P.E. lessons were done in places not fit for that purpose. The club room was also equipped with new utilities eg: furniture, tables, didactic aids, board games. The kitchen and canteen equipment was adjusted to the European Union Standards.
These huge expenditures were realized thanks to the cooperation of  local government, Parents Council, the headmaster teachers and sponsors.
Owing to their stubbornness and activity, our school is a modern institution which maintains the highest European Standards.


Gustaw Morcinek Primary School No 4 in Radlin is a six year public school with almost one hundred year’s tradition. The main aim of the school is to develop students’ minds through teaching, shaping and bringing up. The ways of teaching have been changing for centuries. However, we want to stick to the classical and timeless methods of education.
We base our teaching on Cyceron’s principles:

“ To teach, to amuse and to affect”

Our didactic and educational activity is based on these three key words. The school is locally famous for its cultural and artistic activity eg:  for popularization of local folklore, history and culture. We want to be an institution which integrates local society through attractive artistic and cultural events.
    We also rely on technical and computer scientist education which is necessary to build a modern country and society. We deal with ecological problems and want our students to become aware of them, as in our opinion, our school is an integral part of the contaminated environment we must live in. Our school wants to create its unique character by being active.


Our students’ successes in many state and provincial competitions were due to the teachers who have been teaching with passion and were able to motivate them
 strongly enough. We achieved many medals in Polish, History, Maths, Biology, Physics, Religion and sports competitions. However, for years our school have been famous for artistic (dance and instrumental) achievements.
Many sport celebrities attended our school. The most famous is Leszek Blanik- world and Olympic champion in vault,  the winner of brown and golden medals in Sydney and Pekin
Olympic Games. Other famous sportsmen/women were: E.Pawłowska(fencing) and P.Miczajka( gimnastics).
At present the students take part in competitions connected with: volleyball (boys) and mini- basketball (girls).


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